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Delivery Time: Ready to ship, delivery time approx. 4-10 days **


Delivery Time: Ready to ship, delivery time approx. 4-10 days **

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Triops King – specialist dealer for Triops and Tadpole Shrimp

At Triops King you will get everything you need for an optimal breeding of Triops and Tadpole Shrimp. Not only Triops-eggs but also high quality equipment that is proved and very well suited for rearing of Tadpole Shrimp, as well as very friendly and competent advice. Nowhere else will you experience more joy and fun than when buying Tadpole Shrimp and later marvel at the Triops in their own home – their Tadpole Shrimp tank. Here you will find anything you are looking for –be it Longicaudatus, Cancriformis, Granarius, Beni Kabuto el Albino, Australiensis, Newberryi or other Triops-species. Even Fairy Shrimp such as the Beavertail Fairy Shrimp or Branchinella Thailandensis Sanoamuang, you will find all of those in our Tadpole Shrimp online shop. Furthermore, we offer saltwater shrimp such as brine shrimp as well as exotic freshwater species like the so-called clam shrimp. Tadpole Shrimps are animals that exist on our planet ever since the age of the dinosaurs. They survived the Ice Age and many other adversities, mainly by means of a unique system of long-lasting eggs.

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These eggs are highly resistant and allow for hatching even after many years. In our opinion, Tadpole Shrimp belong to the most fascinating creatures on our planet which is why we believe they should be admired in any household at least once. At Triops King you can find anything required to kick-start your own Tadpole Shrimp breeding – including breeding starter kits ranging from 50 Triops-eggs up to sets containing 1000 Triops-eggs. Breeding Tadpole Shrimps is not only very interesting and instructive, but also brings a lot of joy. We are always available to assist with advice and make sure to answer all your questions as soon as possible. In addition, we offer a wide range of fish-keeping equipment such as aquarium filters, pumps, heater elements, aquariums, breeding tanks, feed for Tadpole Shrimp and everything else required for a successful Tadpole Shrimp breeding. A key difference to other Tadpole Shrimp dealers is that Triops King is also present in the retail sector which testifies our expertise and quality. We act as retailer for Triops’ worldwide and are, therefore, capable of providing a high level of experience and solid expertise which we happily prove to you on a daily basis. In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are your specialist when it comes to Tadpole Shrimps and are happy to assist you anytime.

Buy your own prehistoric crayfish at Triops King

Urzeitkrebse can be bought on the Internet at many retailers. But only the few really deal with the primeval crayfish. We at Triops King provide expert advice before your purchase and will assist you anytime after your purchase. With us you buy your primeval crayfish completely risk-free. In addition to an encrypted order process and very fast shipping, we also offer a service like no other Triops dealer.

Buy your first Triops Starter Set from us and start your own Triops breed.

Triops and Sea Monkeys are not only our hobby – they are our vocation!