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Dry Lake Clam Shrimp clam Shrimp – Tadpole Shrimps

Dry Lake Clam Shrimp are Clam Shrimp. Clam Shrimp are a kind of Tadpole Shrimp. Dry Lake Clam Shrimp are very active. They hatch about 48 hours after the eggs have been released. Dry Lake Clam Shrimp reach a size of about 0.5 centimeters. In their first weeks, they swim very agile through the aquarium. With age, they then settle more and more in the sand on the ground. There, they half- bury themselves and stay there for a while. The special thing about Clam Shrimp is their two-sided shell. Those serve as protection and grow together with the Shrimp. Over time, algae settle on the shell, which make them appear furry after a couple of weeks. The life expectancy of the Dry Lake Clamp Shrimp is between eight and twelve weeks. Clam Shrimp release cysts, just like Triops or Fairy Shrimp. However, the eggs of Clam Shrimp are only about one-third of the size of a Triops.