Triops Cancriformis Mallorca

  • Size: approx. 5 - 5 cm
  • Life expectancy: about 90 - 120 Days
  • Temperature range: 22 - 24 °C
  • Origin: Mallorca
Triops Cancriformis Mallorca

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Triops Cancriformis Mallorca

The Triops Cancriformis Mallorca inspires with its beautiful reddish-brown tank, which can also be used well by beginners in the aquarium in a heated aquarium. Read more about this great triops species from offspring from the Spanish island of Mallorca.

Description of the Triops Cancriformis Majorca

Triops Cancriformis Mallorca

In contrast to the Triops Longicaudatus, which is mainly distributed in North and South America, the Triops Cancriformis Mallorca is a European species. The Spanish representative is also a freshwater crab that lives in temporary waters and ensuring the survival of its species by storing cysts. Within one to two weeks after hatching, the invertebrate freshwater crab reaches sexual maturity and drops the triopsees into the bottom of the water, which soon dries up. Since the cysts are extremely robust as permanent eggs and make a diapause, the hatching of the nauplii (Triops larvae) can take place even after several years, sometimes only after decades. The metabolism of small crustaceans works rather slowly, so that the Triops Cancriformis Mallorca compared to other species have a relatively high life expectancy. They can be up to 120 days old, assuming animal welfare conditions. In addition, the gill crayfish grow throughout their life. This allows the species Triops Cancriformis Mallorca reach a size of up to 12 cm. As a rule, however, the body size is 5-7 centimeters.

Unlike the species Triops longicaudatus, the Triops Cancriformis Mallorca has an often beefy skull plate. The fork tail is slightly shorter in this species. As a result, the entire physique is rather squat.

Successfully breeding Triops Cancriformis Mallorca

Unfortunately, Triops are often considered toys, which sometimes caused to not sufficiently deal with the optimal housing conditions for these fascinating creatures. In order to successfully breed the primeval crayfish, however, it is indispensable to know the demands of freshwater crayfish and to consider the needs of the primeval crayfish in triops breeding. That's the only way to make sure you get a good hatching rate and your Triops feel good.

For a successful start you need a breeding tank, which, depending on the triopsis, is equipped with a suitable aquarium lamp and an aquarium heater. Consider that Triops Cancriformis Mallorca needs a water temperature of about 23°C to 25°C. Also important is a good water quality, as well as an optimal pH value (7-8). Everything you need to control and improve water quality can be found at here . As the animals get bigger, your prehistoric crabs need more space. That means you have to give your Triops breed a larger aquarium. Make sure that your pelvis has come in well before the move and that you meet all relevant posture parameters.

Digging in the sand is an elementary need of this species. They search there for food and the female Triops Cancriformis Mallorca deposit their cysts in the bottom of the aquarium. So it's important that you care for a sufficiently thick layer of sand in your pelvis. This should be at least three inches thick.

Before you start with your first Triops rearing, you need Triops food, which you can buy individually or together with the Triops Cancriformis Mallorca in low priced starter sets. TriopsKing offers only high-quality and age-appropriate Triops feed, which is optimally adapted to the needs of small crustaceans.