Buying Tadpole Shrimps – What should be considered?

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What are better, pure Tadpole shrimp eggs or Triops eggs in an egg-sand mixture?

blankPure Tadpole Shrimp Eggs: By “pure Tadpole Shrimp eggs” it is meant that you buy really only the eggs. Because you only buy the eggs without Triops-sand, you can count the eggs with a magnifying glass or under a microscope which gives you the certainty that the numbers of Triops-egg purchased is as indicated. However, what they paint is the used sand which contains the detritus (uneaten food, debris etc.).

Advantage: You can count on the eggs with a magnifying glass and have, thus, control over the exact and indicated quantity of Triops eggs.

Disadvantage: With pure eggs there is no so-called detritus * (* literally translated as “waste” but what is meant is, however, nutrients, bacteria, uneaten food, etc.). This may result in your Triops dying within a few days. Nevertheless, it is often observed that the nauplii after a few days. This is usually due to a lack of detritus, but as a result of high amounts of nitrite in the water or temperature.

Buying Triops in an egg-sand-mixture, so called breeding set

Triops eggs mixed with sand because it is impossible to count the amount of eggs contained in the breeding set. We have conducted several tests where the aids were given as magnifying glasses and microscopes. Nonetheless, no one could count the amount of eggs successfully. Therefore, it is a good advice and trustworthiness. Furthermore, you should make sure that the Tadpole Shrimp breeding sets are prepared properly. By this is meant that the Triops eggs-sand mixture had been dried for several weeks and was subsequently frozen for several weeks. Doing that increases the slip rate enormously. Often, one gets the impression that the amount of Triops-eggs is not actually included. That’s why we separate our Tadpole Shrimp from the sand and only afterwards. This gives you the assurance that you are receiving the exact amount of Triops eggs in your set as purchased.

Advantage: Detritus in breeding approach with Tadpole shrimp, which leads to higher chances of survival for the Triops.

Disadvantage: Accurately counting the amount of eggs is close to impossible.

What food should I buy for Tadpole Shrimp?

Triops food which is basically algae powder that can be easily and digested by the tiny larvae. When the Triops get older, say from the age of about 2 weeks onwards, Triops can be described as omnivorous. You can feed them almost everything, from usual fish feed or shrimp sticks, to a piece of carrot. You should, therefore, be able to make this amenable agility and lifespan. Since the Triops skins rather often, care must be taken in a diet rich in protein and vitamins. Therefore, pay attention to the ingredients you buy for your Tadpole Shrimp.

What type of aquarium do tadpole shrimp require ??

This really depends on your needs. It’s a matter of how many Triops you want to keep in the tank. You should at least 1litre in volume per triops. Consequentially, if you want to keep 20 liters in your Tadpole Shrimp tank, it should not be less than 20 liters in volume. Furthermore, this is a one-time experience for you as plastic aquariums are an alternative to glass aquariums. Glass aquariums are generally larger, more stable and more durable. LED lamp instead. If you opt for a Triops tank made of glass, it is up to you with a LED bulb and instead.

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