How can I count Triops-eggs?

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The question of whether one can count Triops-eggs has reached us frequently in the past which is why we would like to provide some clarity in this article.

We conducted several tests with subjects from different age groups and have come to the certain conclusion that it is not possible to count the amount of Triops-eggs in breeding sets. A Triops-egg is about this size “.”. Depending on what type of sand/ gravel the Triops have laid their eggs in, the grain size of the sand may be hard to distinguish from the Triops eggs. We provided the test subjects with magnifiers and microscopes and still the amount of eggs in the breeding set could hardly be counted nearly correctly. The best result was not close to the real content by not even 15 eggs.

How does a Triops dealer count the eggs to prepare the sets?

We know that most Triops dealers completely dry the sand from an aquarium and then portioning these subsequently in order to prepare the breeding sets that are then sold. Following this method, neither you nor the dealer knows exactly how many eggs you really get. It could happen that you accidentally receive 100 eggs instead of the ordered 50. Just as likely, however, would be that you receive no eggs at all. If there are many Triops living in one tank, the chances are relatively high that there are many eggs dug in the sand. If you mix this sand after it has been dried, the probability of having a few Triops eggs in all portions is higher. This method does not provide any clarity, nonetheless.

At Triops King, we use a different approach. We separate the Triops-eggs from the sand as only this way we are able to count the eggs when preparing the sets. It took us more than two years to develop a technique that allows us to separate the eggs in the highest possible amounts and without damaging the cysts when loosening them from the sand. This method is quite elaborate for us but it is essential for us as one of the largest Triops dealer worldwide, to provide consistently high quality. As we are also represented in the retail sector, it is not an option for us that there are breeding approaches that contain no eggs. We 100% guarantee that there are Triops-eggs in each breeding set! Also for us it is not possible to dissolve all eggs from the sand in the tank which is why there are usually some remaining eggs in the sand. As we partly use this sand to prepare the breeding sets, you often receive more eggs than indicated. We prepare the “pure eggs” breeding sets with a specialist tool that allows determining the amount of eggs contained.

Have I received too little Triops-eggs in my breeding approach?

With Triops it can happen that none are hatching at all. This is usually is not a result of too little or no eggs in your breeding approach, but mostly due to the conditions that may not have been suitable. For instance, if the lamp was not turned on long enough, the water was too “hard”, or the temperature of it too low.

Where do I buy my Triops-eggs?

When buying Triops, buy them at Triops King! Joking aside. If you had good experiences with a dealer, the service was fine and the slip rate has surprised you positively, this is a good sign. As described above, the Triops-eggs cannot be counted. Therefore, you have to trust your dealer in this regard. In the field of Triops retailers, there are mainly part-time hobbyists breeders. To our knowledge, we are the only Triops dealer in Germany, possibly in Europe, which has made it their main business. We do nothing else than dedicating ourselves to the Tadpole Shrimps and our customers can feel that. A hobbyist may offer cheaper prices and sometimes very good quality, but you will probably not get the same service as at Triops King.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our shop soon.

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