How to find sea monkey eggs

Finding the sea monkey eggs and setting up their tank
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Sea monkeys are basically a type of brine shrimp and if you want to keep them as pets, you need to find sea monkey eggs. Back in the 1950s, the brine shrimp or specifically Artemia salina grew in popularity as the ideal starter pet for children and young teens. The main reason for this is that they are inexpensive and easy to care for.

Sea monkey eggs
There are different ways in which you can find sea monkey eggs. Generally, as aquatic creatures, they need a tank or aquarium to live and thrive.

Sea monkeys are known to live for up to 2 months with minimal attention. Most find these creatures fun to watch as they develop and reproduce. Nevertheless, despite labeled as low-maintenance pets, they still need some attention and appropriate care to properly thrive.

Where can I find sea monkey eggs?

There are different ways in which you can find sea monkey eggs. Generally, as aquatic creatures, they need a tank or aquarium to live and thrive. There are several options to choose from if you are going to buy artemia eggs.

  • Look for a kit that includes all the essentials that you need. There are several sea monkey kits that you can find online that come with everything that you need to start growing your sea monkeys. Generally, a kit must include a tank, sea monkey eggs, feed pack and more.
  • Buy artemia eggs and other supplies separately. This might be an inexpensive approach if you already have a tank or aquarium on hand. Nevertheless, it can become costly if you do not have either a tank or aquarium. In case you decide to buy the supplies separately, you can customize the environment of your pets.
  • Purchase live sea monkeys. Sadly, there are some owners that no longer want to keep their pets anymore. In case you decide to adopt them or purchase the already grown ones from a pet store, you will not witness how they hatch. Nevertheless, if you opt for this approach, you are providing a home to some homeless sea monkeys.

What are the supplies do I need?

Sanders Artemia Eggs – Great Salt Lake

Once you decide not to purchase a kit, there are several supplies that you need to buy. Since sea monkeys are easy to care for, you do not need a lot of supplies but there are essentials that you need to find.

  • Water purifier. You can find the water purifier in different forms. It might be available in liquid or gel form or as a dry pack.
  • Growth food
  • Sea monkey eggs
  • Glass or plastic aquarium that can hold ½ up to 10 gallons of water
  • Decorative items such as plastic plants or rocks

Preparing the tank

The initial step is to clean the aquarium or tank. Remember that this is an important step since new aquariums or tanks might have chemical films on them while older ones might have bacteria or other wastes. Make sure that the tank or aquarium is clean and free from dirt and other contaminants before it is filled with water.

  • When cleaning the tank or aquarium, avoid using soap. It is recommended to use vinegar to loosen up grime and dirt. After cleaning, the tank or aquarium must be thoroughly rinsed.
  • When preparing the ideal habitat for your sea monkeys, you should only use purified or distilled water to keep them healthy. Avoid using water that contains chlorine or other chemicals and mineral water. As for tap water, it is not suggested since it might contain undesirable elements that are bad for your pets.
  • Open the water purifier packet and pour it into the water. The main purpose of the water purifier is to balance the chemical makeup of the water and create the ideal environment. Simply stir the water purifier to allow it to spread throughout the aquarium or tank. After adding the purifier, make sure that the water has adjusted to the room temperature, usually after 24-36 hours.

Adding the sea monkeys eggs

Once the tank or aquarium water has adjusted to the room temperature after 24 hours or longer, it is time to add the sea monkeys eggs into the water. After adding them into the water, stir the tank water using a plastic spoon. While waiting for them to hatch, you must aerate the water at least 1-2 times a day. This ensures that there is adequate oxygen in the water to allow them to hatch and grow.

The sea monkeys typically appear as miniature dots in the water. It usually takes around 5 days for them to hatch and eventually start swimming around the aquarium or tank.

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