Triops eggs preparations – This is how it is done!

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Prepare Triops eggs for a new Triops breed

You have started your first own Triops breed. Your Triops grow and develop, and everything is going great. Once your triops are two weeks or older, you can observe how, step by step, their egg sacs and they begin to bury the Triops eggs in the sand. But what are you going to do with these Triops eggs? How can you bring them to new life or, rather, start a new Triops-breeding? Subsequently, I want to tell you exactly what you need to do in your own new Triops-eggs so that you can start a new breed.
Triops-eggs preparation – This is how it is done!

1. Fishing the sand with the eggs in it

Triops are in a position to produce their own Triops eggs. Triops, it is said, are creatures of habit and want their eggs always in the same spots in the aquarium. Once you get paid for a spot, you can be sure that this is the right place to skim the sand for Triops eggs in the future. With increasing size, the amount of eggs Triops can lay therefore wants increase. Triops can be released between 100 and 200 Triops eggs per day.
You can scoop up the sand with the eggs using a coffee spoon.
We recommend a coffee spoon because of their depth which catches more than a normal spoon.

2. Drying the eggs-sand-mixture

Tupperware bowl which you should place on a heater. The larger the surface of the bowl is the better because that allows for quicker drying.
The eggs-sand-mix should then be kept dry on a heater or inside a slightly warm room for at least a week. Although the sand already appears to be dry in the next step, it should be completely dry, otherwise the Triops eggs may be damaged in the next step.

3. Freezing

To successfully simulate all seasons for the triops-eggs, we now reach the winter. We freeze the Triops eggs. That explains why it is so important that the Triops eggs are completely dry.
Keep the eggs in the freezer for about two weeks.

4. Ready – The new breeding can begin

Triops-breeding from your own Triops-eggs. Add the eggs to the tank, as usual, fill it up with water and illuminate it. Once the water temperature is right for your Triops species, new Triops wants to slip off their self-bred Triops eggs within one to two days.
Enjoy your new Triops-breeding!



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