Triops lifespan – life expectancy of Tadpole Shrimps

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How long do Triops and other Tadpole Shrimp live?

The life expectancy of Triops and more generally Tadpole shrimp is rather short as compared to other animals.
If you are wondering how long your Triops will live, under optimal conditions in your aquarium, we can tell you that Triops, in general, will not get older than three months. The lifespan of other prehistoric shrimps is as Fairy Shrimp, Clam Shrimp or Brim Shrimp is not higher either.

Generalising, one could say :
The life expectancy of Triops and other Tadpole shrimp is more than three months.

Why is the life expectancy of Tadpole Shrimp so low?

To establish the short lifespan of Tadpole Shrimp, some more research is required. To shed a bit of light on this for you, however, we justify it with the life cycle of Tadpole Shrimp. Whether Triops, Fairy Shrimp, Clam Shrimp or Brine Shrimp, all Tadpole Shrimp lay eggs during their lives – many eggs. Tadpole shrimps are developing rapidly and are, therefore, ready to bury their cysts in the sand or release the eggs after only about two to three weeks.
Because Triops are capable of developing a lot of Triops eggs after a short time, it is not necessary for a long time. This is very different for all animals. As calculated over the average life of Tadpole shrimp, their many eggs result significantly more offspring than the case for most other species.

Tadpole shrimps, despite their short 3-month life expectancy, managed to survive on our planet throughout the Cretaceous period (time of the dinosaurs) up until today.

Why is the low life expectancy of Tadpole Shrimps advantageous for children?

Tadpole Shrimp are very well suited as a first pet for kids. Tadpole Shrimp kit, as well as the low life expectancy of them, can be used to make parents happy. Pets require a lot of attention and a sense of responsibility which is why you should think twice before you make a dog or a cat for the kids. Tadpole Shrimp and always provided them with Triops feed, as well as the aquarium, as a parent you can take the next step and think about a “real” pet.

Of course, the pain of separation can be long when the life of a Tadpole shrimp comes to an end. Nevertheless, the bond to a rabbit or dog.
Tadpole shrimp have a rather short lifetime. However, during that time they lay many eggs. From these eggs new Tadpole Shrimp can hatch and then the fun with the Tadpole Shrimps.
Awaken your intellectual curiosity and get yourself Tadpole Shrimp into your living room!

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